2021. 10. 4. · Gastrointestinal symptoms — this includes constipation, diarrhoea, nausea and abdominal pain, especially just before or during your period Infertility Pain during sex Pelvic pain Severe cramping during your periods Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) IBS is a common digestive condition that affects more women than men. Common IBS symptoms include:
In some cases, having a heavy period can cause pain before the period begins, having irregular periods, bleeding during intercourse, chronic pain of the pelvis, pain during intercourse, and headache. In some cases, having heavy periods can cause nausea, as well. Most of the time having a heavy period is not a sign of a more serious problem.
Period talk on PatientsLikeMe. In our community forums, no issue is taboo. Join PatientsLikeMe or log in to access the following links. Some members have asked about lupus and periods in the forums, including whether some
2020. 3. 2. · Fatigue. Fatigue is defined as a feeling of persistent exhaustion that sometimes does not disappear even after periods of sleep and rest. Symptoms include heavy eyelids, lack of motivation, irritability, and difficulty
2018. 3. 16. · Women who suffer from heavy menstrual periods are more prone to forms of anemia where red blood cells are lost to bleeding. Women with anemia due to blood loss may be left feeling tired, weak, and possibly even out of breath. One sign your period is abnormally heavy is if you’re going through a tampon or pad every hour for a few consecutive ...